Lionfish Central, Inc.

Welcome to Scooter of the Beach’s Lionfish Central Page!

Lionfish Central helps save our reefs from invasive lionfishI could use your help! When I heard about the nonprofit called Lionfish Central, I knew I had to get involved. Everyone loves the beautiful waters of Florida and the abundance of life within it. Unfortunately our beautiful waters are under attack by the invasive lionfish. When lionfish come to a reef between 70% and 90% of the reef fish are eaten within 2 years. Our waters are under enough stress but to lose the fish that help maintain healthy reefs – well that is a scary thing indeed.

Lionfish Central, Inc. is a nonprofit that helps ALL efforts when it comes to eradicating these invasive fish. They work with all kinds of groups, organizations, State agencies and more. They provide valuable internet  marketing services so that they can all get their message out there more effectively. In fact, Lionfish Central built this website and help us inform the world about this devastating problem. When we spoke we realized we had the perfect fit for helping them achieve their mission, which is:

Evaluate, Educate and Eradicate Invasive Lionfish From Our Reefs

Because we have a large following of dedicated and caring people on social media we are perfect for getting the information out to the world!. Please take the time to help in helping us protect and save our beautiful reefs – here’s how:

  1. Learn all about Lionfish from their website – click here
  2. Like & Follow Lionfish Central’s Facebook page – click here
  3. Get involved, volunteer, donate or something that helps save our reefs from the lionfish
  4. Learn all the scary facts about lionfish – click here
  5. Follow Lionfish Central on Instagram – click here
  6. Wear one of the coolest Lionfish T Shirts on the planet – click here

Please help us spread the word bout these terrible lionfish. The more er get this message out the better the waters will be. everyone needs to be involved in some manner – simply telling people is a great help. So please help me save our reefs!

Thanks Everyone!

Scooter of the Beach